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Piantarella beach on the tip of Cala Sperone located at the extreme southern tip of Corsica is a jewel
surrounded by corsican maquis and turquoise water.Next to Sperone golf, right on the seafront, between
the lagoon and Piantarella Sperone, we find the remains of protected site Pallae, and the island of Piana
directly opposite can be reached by foot (without swimming).
Few minutes walk form Villa Sperone you can reach Piantarella.

Un véritable centre d’activités nautiques se trouve juste à la sortie du Domaine,
à 5 min. de votre villa, sur la plage de Piantarella.
Des équipes motivées de professionnels et de moniteurs diplômés d’État vous y attendent...
Tout est prévue (des plus petits, aux plus grands...) pour des découvertes, cours d'initiation
et/ou de perfectionnement, location de tout matériel : voilier, kite-surf, planche à voile, padelle, canoë, etc...
mais aussi location de bateaux (semi-rigides), et centre de plongée sous-marine.
Vous bénéficierez d'un accès parking privé gratuit

Windsurfing lessons from expert instructors for beginning to advanced level are available at Piantarella beach.


It is amazing to see so many Meru; at the Marine Reserve of Lavezzi. They're used to being hunted so
they're usually shy fish, yet here they are practically tame.
No wonder that is known to divers as "Meruville

île de Piana a 5 minutes de votre villa se déroule le long d’un lagon turquoise. Un banc de sable au milieu de la mer permet de le rejoindre à pieds. Un peu plus et on croirait marcher sur l’eau!
You are guaranteed never to forget the adventure "walking on water"

You are guaranteed never to forget the beautiful colors or the sea creatures that make
these warm tranquil seas their home.

The Marine Reserve of Lavezzi, 7 miles from your villa is a granite archipelago located between Corsica and Sardinia,
is known to divers as "Meruville" due to its impressive tally of resident meru (or grouper) fish.

With its exceptional whitewater and beautiful scenery, Corsica is a great place for kayaking

A Horse Lover's Paradise
Riding through this majestic landscape will take you back to a time of unspoiled nature

There are 1,900 kilometres of bridleways (randonnée équestre) in Corsica. Still very unspoiled, there are areas of
natural beauty which can be explored by leaving the car behind. Galloping across with
unrivalle views of the beautiful landscaperiding for horse lovers.

If you have a passion for golf then you must visit the spectacular Golf de Spérone, located on a breathtaking site
at the southern tip of Corsica overlooking the Mediterranean, Bonifacio Strait and the tiny
islands of Cavallo and Lavezz

The ultimate windsurfing vacation is at Sperone Resort’s Piantarella beach, with consistent westerly winds


The most famous hiking trail in Corsica is the GR20 (known as the the Fra li Monte). It is a renowned track
that traverses the mountains of the island. The path starts Porto Vecchio 20 minutes from Villa Sperone but
right next to the villa at Pertusato you can walk, hike with beautiful views on Lavezzi, Cavallo, over Bonifacio Strait


Corsica has an abundance of waterways due to the heavy snowfalls


Canyoning in Corsica is the ideal activity to practice in summer. This activity combines the mountain
and waterfalls, very refreshing and gives you lots of adrenaline.

It is a thrill to be able to view the abundant coral reef life in these crystal clear waters around your vacation villa.
It is as colorful as anything you'd find in Caribbean. Then Learn to Scuba Dive from instructors
This is the perfect place to lurn in crystal clear water

If you love to play in the water you will have a blast at Villa Spérone

If you like every famous expanse of water, the Bonifacio Strait and the Corsican Sea provide both,
stunning natural beauty and a remarkable amount of difficulties: these come in the shape of a
northwesterly wind called Mistral

sailing with northwesterly wind called Mistral

from Villa Sperone crossing 7 miles you get to one of the most amazing anchorages in Corsica, at
Lavezzi Islands

It is perfect for a true family vacation with plenty for everyone to do.

A good way to see the pristine coral reefs without the crowed around is to be at Sperone Resort,
and Villa Sperone makes all easy for you.

Vacationing at Sperone Resort’s villa Sperone, you will be able to experience the best dive sites around.

Lavezzi, and Cavallo islans are 7 miles away.

Spectacular dive sites from ship wrecks to stunning coral reefs in crystal clear and
warm water worthy of the Caribbean.


Marine Reserve of Lavezzi
Lavezzi Island with the pink and grey rocks just standing on white beaches and blue lagoons

No worry about crowds, here, even in August you are just where the pristine reefs are for you to
enjoy with respect and dignity.

Speorne is blessed with good winds, almost year round. This, together with flat waters at piantarelle
makes it a pristine spot to learn kitesurfing.

Anther great spot for kitesurfing around is Figari providing kitesurf lessons and courses.
There are lessons at every level.

You have access to free tennis at Villa Sperone

Sailing in front of your beach, at villa Sperone.

a relaxing but luxury sailing holiday in untouched nature

You can ask for windsurfing schools down in Piantarella. Vacations with expert guidance

The vacation spot you're choosing for sailing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing, it is a paradise.
Besides Piantarella with consistent westerly winds, the long and wide beach of Tonnara,
Bonifacio is one of the top kiteboarding spots in Corsica.