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If you're looking for a beautifully natural honeymoon at the beach, and relax at tropical swimming pool
Villa Sperone beach resort villa, in natural reserve of south Corsica in one of
the last paradises of Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect solution.

A destination honeymoon spot...
Villa Speorne, a location that has special meaning, and provides the backdrop that you envision

Private Sperone Resort, an exotic luxury location with its white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters surrounded with white cliffs, plus the picturesque property positioned in the heart of the resort, its space, its volume, its bio controled swimming pool, and its gardends is such that can be converted with
facility for a small, simple reception.

A dream honeymoon...
where you can make your oceanside nuptials a breeze

A romantic getaway ...
an unforgettable moment in grottoes of Bonifacio


A honeymoon and reception at Villa Sperone, and its gardens... a sight to behold,
centennial olive trees, cypress, bougainvillea and Corsican native ‘maquis’ nestling amongst the rocks,
merges imperceptibly into vineyards and olive groves surrounding...
the tropicale decor swimming pool makes a truly unforgettable honeymoon in paradise


For a truly luxurious and elegant honeymoon, you can choose to rent a boat and have dinner at the
chic and fashionable ocean restaurant in the private island of Cavallo - 15 minutes
boat ride form our private dock.

The fascinating and pristine beauty of Private Sperone beaches make for a magnificent background
The perpetual and hypnotic ebb of the waves, the powdery white sand beneath your toes, and the warm breeze, with the islands in horizon and the vast expanse of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the morning, all blue and white; in the afternoon, shade of orange and red.
Brides and grooms could combine their beach honeymoon at Villa Sperone.

Gathering the essential elements of ocean’s edge, such as the beauty of the beach, the crystal clear water, and the sun create an unbelievable scenic setting to launch a honeymoon for a new life.

Services you might need: On your simple demand our Chef prepares everything you need.
The Resort Restaurant has catering services and a butler service at your villa as well
For receptions, in the eastern part of the garden, extra parking permits to park up to 10 cars. Please check our services for more information